Being a boss or a leader can feel challenging- especially if you are on a healing and personal development journey discovering new gifts, learning how to balance & implement them allowing your soul to guide your decisions.

Discover your power of your intuition within together through this state-of-the-art program

Your decision-making will never be the same even if you have many years of experience as a leader. Our students have discovered and shared that they transmuted energies within them, grew exponentially as a leader of their own lives, choosing and co-creating their decisions out of freedom and purpose – understanding themselves and others at a much deeper level with

Perhaps you are even one of those sensitive and empathic leaders like us, who care for others. You want to do your work well and you want make sure that you are not harsh or affecting others negatively – at the same time fulfilling your mission.

There is a big realm of challenges as an empathic leader. But also a big deal of gifts that oftentimes are passed by, unseen by most people and oftentimes by yourself. To stand strong and learn to handle the relationship with yourself and others, alongside your sensitivity, empathic skills and compassion, may be a long-term process, sometimes life-long.

Many empathic leaders have trouble in their own personal relationships.

It may be difficult to deal with their closest partners because they may feel too much, so many of them assert big boundaries or do not have any personal relationship or even satisfying relationships. Instead of seeing your sensitivity as a curse, we see it as your gift: your super power.

While many companies are employing autistic people to perform special roles, such as in IT. Your gifts are very important in management because it is only through having extra senses and using your intuition that you can navigate complex scenarios and people. But, there is far more under-education in this field because most leadership programs are tailored to leaders who have another way of functioning with their analytical mind.

You can be analytical too.

And many of us are. But it is learning to integrate all your skills, as well as your ability to use your analytical brain hemisphere and integrate with your intuitive & creative side that will lead you to success and long-term prosperity in your leadership at all life areas.

We will help you tap and understand to manage your super power so you can manage yourself and others in your full power.

Who we are working with

Leadership skills we teach are particularly important even for you as a coachable empathic entrepreneur, leader and talent willing to grow your business & even manage your personal life. Because we have a unique approach to leadership, we believe that leaders, bosses and entrepreneurs start their journey better off by developing the intelligence of their body, mind, consciousness and outer perception of the world.

We don’t believe in influencing others.

Our proven method teaches that you don’t need to influence others or overpower them to get what you want. You can get what you want anyway by being your authentic self, being aligned & learning how to master your gifts. We are helping you along this journey.

You need to be a step ahead to lead others. Our education helps you get a step ahead with our state-of-the-art method & coaching.

Goal for this Leadership education

New as a leader – a leadership program for you who have up to 5 years experience as a leader or boss in your organisation but you are welcome to apply even if you have more years but feel that the content and approach we have about leadership would help you forward. You could also be completely new in your role at this time, want to take on a leadership role in your family, community or society. This program is designed to give you groundbreaking knowledge for you to access & feel secure in your own intuition as a leader, feel confident, learn to deal with upcoming challenges and build up inner strength in your own role, deal with your team, feel secure, deal with changes, develop your self-reflection and your unique, authentic leadership, clear communication & integrate reasoning with intuition in proven-methods that will change your perception of life, self and others. This course (click here to apply for a breakthrough call with us to see if you are the right person) is aimed at giving you the solid blocks you may need to grow and expand as a leader as well as deliver others your best gifts and talents.
Registrations closed. But you can submit your interest and we will get back to you when a spot is open or if there are cancellations.

Many reviews from past students and clients about your teacher.

Why should you learn about leadership together:

  • safe and secure as a leader or boss
  • learn about proven methods to tap into your intuition to find answers for your questions and decision-making, removing self-doubt, self-sabotage, fears, and even be able to obtain information about your team to guide you along your work
  • understand the point of communication as well as hidden communication
  • learn to read other people’s competence and talents so you can guide them better into the tasks at hand
  • get clarity and tools to carry out difficult talks
  • tools and motivation to implement changes at your workplace, business & personal life
  • knowledge to lead your team in different situations
  • understood deeper about your own personal and unique leadership energies so you can be authentic as a leader

Check Juliana’s testimonial in Brazilian Portuguese, entrepreneur & international mode designer

More help

We offer group coaching included in the package. Besides, you can also order individual coaching and access to the extensive knowledge database where we have more information and tools you can dive deeper within.


Because this is a unique program, we are only working with few people we select and we have right to refund you if we feel you are not the right candidate we can help. If you feel this resonates with you, make sure to apply for a breakthrough call with us to see if you are the right person here If you wish to add individual coaching and knowledge platform access, you have to click in the same link after your program order and choose the individual options.

More positive results

At your own pace from home wherever you are in the world, you can take this leadership program for New Leaders online. At your own pace, but still with opportunities to get in touch with others and participate in our LIVE calls. Learning from one another and feeling mutual support, you will grow at a much faster pace as well as be able to apply the knowledge very easily.

Our video-lessons can be assessed and listened wherever you are in the world, even if you are on the go. We offer moments of self-reflection and training on our calls, to help you expand & apply knowledge to daily experiences.

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