Using Intuitive Mentoring to help you, your leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers to expand their own consciousness and access part of their higher intelligence that they may not even know exist.

What is unique with our work

No matter where you are in your leadership, if you are going to regular leadership programs out there, health programs that lead you to exercise, eat better, experience mindfulness or coaches and therapists who only talk to you, you will only work with very superficial help with aspects of self or sometimes only a bandaid – and some organisations and leaders spend millions with those, not knowing that they can instead invest on something even better that leads to greater return. If you want to move further in your life and career, you have to go deeper and dive into areas and energies that you may not even have known that affect and control your life, stop you from embracing your freedom and power, and reaching your dreams – such as love, wellness and financial rewards.

Don’t want bandaids? We go directly in to the issues. And you don’t have to go spend your time with filling out forms to spend your time having coaching and therapy calls or meetings that may take you years before you even find out the right issues. Let’s be true here. We believe in truth more than anything. We are not working with clients to linger on their time with us but actually helping them and we have met people with issues they have been lingering on for decades being helped within less than one hour with us. And we can prove you below many of the results and impacts on our clients.

We help you tap into your intuition and work deeper within yourself. Because we can connect with you psychically, we can get information that you may not even need to tell us and help you beyond where you are. And we may also help you tap into your own truth so that you get more empowered and expand your field of consciousness. This is why our leadership work and education is a bit different. Because of that, we select the people we work with, because not everyone is ready to understand what we teach and put the effort to be the best they can be.

If you are one of those leaders who want to become the best you can be and is open mind to test new things, and really wish to reach the heights in your field or your dream, you are very welcome to get in touch here.

Reviews & CSR

Here are some reviews of our co-founders work during the last decades with health, business & relationship intuitive mentoring & coaching as well as intuitive education for leaders & work with Corporate Social Responsibility worldwide during Corona Crisis, supporting leaders and entrepreneurs who are feeling lost, negatively affected by current challenges.

Sometimes clients come with a completely different problem about their work and the real problem lies in a completely different area. I like to be direct and tell them exactly what I see right on without bandaid and sometimes they may be angry. That is what happened to Maryory. Afterwards, she came back and wrote me lots of reviews realizing that what I said earlier was really the main problem for many of her challenges – even in her career.
Hanna knocked at my office and had deep issues to move forward in life and follow her passion. We tapped into her depths and deepest challenges behind it very quickly so I met her just a couple of times.

I had no idea about Marina’s life and she never told me anything, more than I knew later that she was an entrepreneur. I happened to see and tell her exactly what she was going through without her telling me when we met online in our public LIVEs on social media some years ago so she gave her feedback immediately. Think of having to sit and talk to therapists and coaches that only lead you to your own thoughts, without going so deep that requires deep intuitive gifts to recognize what is beyond one’s own consciousness and push it up to surface.

Merike’s testimonial in Swedish

Merike was a clear example that she wanted to move forward in her work and business ideas, but there was something deep holding her back that was beyond time and space that she hadn’t told me quite at all. I realized that there was something deeper to heal and that happened to affect her health. She became surprised with what I had said and then later recorded a beautiful testimonial. So we happened to help her solve not only one life area problem but many more. I am happy for that.

Juliana, Brazilian businesswoman & entrepreneur shares her experience & success after working together

Juliana came to me out of nowhere and wanted to have direct contact from my Youtube Channel where I have been teaching a lot about intuition and personal development. I helped her once and then she came back some years later and told me that she should have followed my advice because she was still stuck and didn’t manage to grow her business. So I helped her further and we went to the root cause of her challenges. She has recorded and written plenty and plenty of reviews. I am so happy to have helped her along her journey.

Katja, German entrepreneur & transformational coach shares her experiences in taking one of our holistic leadership courses

Katja was one of my students in the premium program I launched about intuitive development, healing and higher consciousness access for entrepreneurs, managers, CEO & coaches. She had started her coaching business and was pushing herself forward with it, which led her to really grow it even more, travel abroad and grow in success in her field. I am very thankful to have helped her on journey of expansion and understanding deeper aspects of self that she needed to tap into and expand so that she would be successful in her career but even personal life, such as love matters.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Public Help in our community online some years ago during Corona crisis, reaching +100,000 people who had access to our coaching, health, leadership development support & relationship counselling. We believe when we can make a difference in people’s lives, we always get back someway. Below you find some pictures with public reviews and feedback from people over the world, many entrepreneurs, managers & leaders who felt lost, challenged and did not know how to handle their life, business & professional situations.

helping people get more empowered and reconnect with their true selves after trauma, loss and separation

Other reviews during the last decades before Leadership Hub has started.

Carina got my help a few times as I looked through her energies, I would translate different information that was affecting her health, life choices and path forward.
Helen took part in an open LIVE intuitive coaching streaming over the internet and really wanted to get in touch. I could unfortunately not reply her because I had received thousands of messages so I could only see her message some years later and I replied to her.
M. have felt emotional after our contact when I tried to help her in her journey forward in life. As I read her energies, I could see a pattern that she was living on and on and that was affecting her negatively in her relationships. She thanked me very much to realize the origin that was affected not only her health but also her finances – she had given a lot of her spar money (LOTS and LOTS of money) to her ex that would instead gamble. She came back and needed more help later, when she had met someone new.
Sometimes I can see what is wrong and missing in a person’s body. And I got confirmation from her.
A returning client that wants further help of intuitive mentoring and coaching, to move forward and gain more perspective in her life with her decision-making. I only helped her connect with herself. Easy. Easy. I find it rewarding to help people become the best version of themselves with no excuses. The world becomes a better place as we are whole individuals.
Juliana wrote almost a whole book to me 🙂 I am happy to have helped her reconnect with herself and find out her true strength as well as help her heal different issues so she could grow even more, be at peace and transmute lessons into wisdom. Now she is a growing successful entrepreneur and happier in her relationships.
Gilcely was a clear example of a beautiful light being that started to find out more of herself and on the journey of self-development and healing that most people do on this planet, embodied more peace and reconnected with her power.
Renata was a recurring client that needed help with her leadership and empathy handling difficult situations at work. I am so happy and thankful for having met her!
Mirene was a nice beautiful woman that I helped reconnect with self and live more of what she wanted in her life with no limitations. thank you so much for being in my life during that time!
Iris is a beautiful artist and entrepreneur that I helped recognize her inner strength and understand herself better so she could move forward in her life and career after different life changes.
I met Kayla online in an open LIVE streaming I had on social media and had no idea about her life but I saw her pregnant and having a girl. She wrote me later to confirm it. How happy I was!
Yuliana, Mohammad and Landing were managers and self-employed, talents that I have helped forward in their career and personal life on their journey of growth. We have worked through different techniques helping them tap into their intuition and superconscious intelligence to make choices and understand signals the universe was giving them as well as connecting their intuition with actions to move them forward towards their goals. I am glad to have participated as a leader the project with them that led to the current model we have been using in our work and education to other entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, coaches and leaders of their families, societies and of their own lives.

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