Our Corporate Social Responsibility is our greatest motivation to keep on working to help leaders grow and heal. Whole and grown-up leaders react positively towards their peers and co-workers, they know how to lead from their unique energies and understand the depth of relationships as well as the relationship with themselves. They know how to contribute to the world and their society as well as to the families involved in their work & business. They are as well conscious of how their actions impact in the lives of the human family.

Therefore, we take opportunities to share our work and gifts to those who most need at times. We want to give back to the human society the depths and understanding we have about intuitive & holistic leadership helping leaders, managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders of their own lives to master themselves so that the planet becomes a better place to live in. When we live in balance, we also help others do the same unconsciously.

Here are some of our voluntary and philanthropic work to help others in need who did not have any financial resources available to give us for our time and knowhow. But we decided to do goodwill for fellow humans of what we know best. Our co-founder, Gabriela has been communicating messages to help human fellows along their challenges during Corona crisis. Totally, we have reached over 100,000 people with our work during a couple of months online.

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