Be a leader of your own energies – We are an online clinic to help entrepreneurs be strong in their journey, improve their relationships & embrace wellness.

We have a deep understanding of people’s energy blocks and underlying challenges, reasons that create diseases, ailments, syndroms, hyperactivity, stress, relationship problems, conflicts in body, mind, spirit and society.

We support whole entrepreneur’s wellness and creativity implementation:

  • get valuable insights
  • mental & overall health
  • spiritual purpose
  • clarity
  • balance & alignment
  • valuable tips for resource management & implementation
  • knowledge on online marketing
  • helping you build business partnerships
  • facilitating drafting & implementation of business plans in our mastermind groups
  • education on energy awareness, sensitivity management & valuable intuitive tools
  • psychic medium & intuitive guidance to help you reconnect with your truth, clarity & group alignment, flow, trauma and block transformation from different sources hidden & conscious etc
  • build confidence, self-trust and reconnection with your own intelligence potential

Unblock your energies together and find balance quicker

we help you tap into your hidden intelligence so you can grow in alignment with your life purpose – together

helping you integrate right and left side of your brain

Most people don’t use even 3% of their intelligence capacity. You are an entrepreneur-leader for a reason. But you can reach much further.

Deep Psychic Coaching

Things don’t need to take time. Lack of, wrong knowledge & method that does.

Improving relationships

Express yourself authentically together

Strong leader

find your unique energies, unblock yourself

Workplace training for wellness, increased performance, rehabilitation, group integration, ethnicity & multicultural facilitation

Our proven, spot on problem solving & facilitation

Read our clients’ own words and see self-recorded videos showing their gratitude for our work. You can also see our CSR (corporate social responsibility) where we reached +100,000 people during Corona crisis in the world, helping many with coaching, counselling and our knowhow.

About the founder

Hi visionary, this is dr Gabi Gal. I am also an entrepreneur just like you. I’ve also got a background of a lot of fields, such as doc education on holistic medicine & another in international migration and ethnic relations with focus on entrepreneurs & minority businesses, intuitive mentoring & nursing education – left academy to help people & wrote +44 books on personal development. I bet you are just like me, I am not afraid of investing on what I feel intuitively is right at the moment. Freedom & co-creating beautiful relationships are important for me. Over the years, I started different organisations and enjoyed connecting people. Then, I decided to radically accept myself openly saying that I was a psychic medium and intuitive, guiding people over the world. I went to Arthur Findlay College, finding like-minded people outside the box, I realised I was living with people that were not on the same wavelength earlier. I felt called during the past years education on the field of medicine, Eastern & Western, but my passion is energy medicine because it has helped me on my journey.

In the video, I describe my own story and background so you understand it a bit more as well as get inspired on your own journey as an entrepreneur – but also feel invited to our Mastermind.

Be authentic & grow together.

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