Welcome to Gabi Gal – for the first time, I decided to open up and show myself off – because I am oftentimes introspective when it comes to talk about myself and I never enjoyed bragging about what I do and have done, can and cannot do. But for the purposes of making my clients and future clients safe and understand who they are dealing with, I decided to write this article. Also, I’d like to inform about what intuitive coaching is according to me, so you can understand what the heck I am doing and feel comfortable when it comes to hiring me or us in this modality.

Who is Gabi Gal

I am a sensitive and artistic woman who has a deep ability to listen and communicate what other people can’t say as well as understand the depth of people. I care for others and I believe in community. I believe we all have a function on this planet, so I don’t believe in competition. I have also understood the connection with have with one another as a big consciousness since I was a child. Even if I understood that many people were still ”sleeping” and being guided by others – instead of by their own compass. Because of I, I started this work on the Leadership Hub Sweden to help those who are already awakening or realize their own power and want to do more, experience more, find more alignment, grow their organisations, personal life, heal their relationships, recover from stress and bad energy management, heal wounds from the past, learn more about themselves as new leaders, so that they can lead others such as their businesses, organizations, families, communities etc.

All human problems come from lack of leadership and knowledge of the real issue behind them.

When I was a child, I enjoyed singing, playing, acting and counselling others because I could see the depths of people and feel people’s energies even if they would not tell me what is about. Since then, I had people come to me out of nowhere for help, to be heard, understood and loved. They sometimes came with problems they have been lingering on during decades about their relationships, choices or even other practical matter, and I gave them an easy solution. I realized I had a healing energy. I could spend my time writing, talking to plants and I was interested in healing animals and people’s souls – what they have inside them, discovered since I was little I knew a lot of things people would not tell me. But because I was aware of the fact that if I used the information against them, I would create negative karma towards myself, I was already since then conscious of the impact of my own gifts. I was aware that I wanted to use them for a good purpose.

I don’t like to hurt people and I have been too compassionate – that over time didn’t really work out especially when I started to take on leading roles and community work, I realized I had to set more boundaries. With time, I learned to see myself differently and choose to allow only people who I thought worthy of my love and knowledge having around me to do so. My anger because of those situations I found not wellthought & childish from other people, made me pour anger into painting, writing music, singing, dancing and writing books. It made me realize I can be a child too, scream in my car singing high and having a totally different side of me that many people don’t know about. To change that, I decided to create some youtube channels to talk about a lot of things that are oftentimes disguised in human relations. With different experiences in life, contacts with clients and observing people, I have written +44 books in the field of personal development, healing and understanding human consciousness.

Because I wanted to gather knowledge from this world and not just be considered to be a psychic medium or channeller that is guessing things out, I decided to actually study and develop my own gifts – both intuitive gifts & develop others across countries. Throughout the years, I studied lots of programs at universe, from languages, engineering, international relations, ethnic studies, migration, medicine & health sciences. I have always been curious to learn new things and I will never stop doing that.

But I am also courageous. I have moved to the other side of the planet with two bags, one with books and another with clothes. I wanted to follow the vision I had when I was a child, following the intuition I had already back then of a place I had in my dreams that I happened to discover later was Sweden. Because future visions would enfold over time and I was deeply intuitive since I was a child, I discovered not everyone was like that. I could forecast what happened at the Corona crisis already some years before, which made me move somewhere else. People around me thought me I was crazy and made decisions not well based. I felt that there was war on the move already about half year before what happened in Asia and the mass movement of refugees to Sweden.

I have also made choices that were not so good. I married a man that was aggressive, narcissist and didn’t respect me for whom I am and my gifts. That crashed my world and had me rebuild it again from ground. It affected my health and could not manage my business. I needed lots of help from others back then. I had to heal myself. I decided to move to the woods, write many books and connect with the higher intelligence within me. I have learned a lot of things on that journey that made me stronger – when I decided to have radical self-acceptance.

During that period, I started to coach people again online. Corona created deep problems on Earth so I decided to be a voluntary and coach people intuitively online, when I realized that lots of people were lost. Lots of messages came through even from their deceased loved ones. After that, Gabi Gal community was quite big before someone hacked my page. I realized that there is a reason for everything though. I had to build up my work again from scratch. But I have learned new things along the journey.

The Youtube communities were growing and I have met amazing people all over the world.


Intuitive Coaching

What is intuitive coaching?

Intuition is the science of using your subconscious (or superconscious) mind to access information before your brain will ever rationalize and judge information to get a specific result. You can have intuition based on an expertise you have in a field. For example, you can drive intuitively, changing gears (if your car is not automatic), because you have got knowledge within yourself and you can internalize the muscle memory and act accordingly depending on different external factors. The same if you are playing an instrument. Many times when I am playing the piano, I don’t remember the chords I am choosing for a song but going by intuition of what sounds good as well as old songs I played when I was a child are still in my memory so I can play them when I remember the first notes – and they can be quite complex songs and classical pieces. I could also memorize an entire play when I was acting and know where to enter on a scene and say different things. Or which tone to sing in a specific piece of music. All of this has to do with intuition – but without skill, it is not possible to make your way through. You need knowledge to get there.

Some of our gifts are already there when we were born. These faculties entail previous knowledge, of how your perception forms. I could read people and dive deep into their souls. I realized I had energy knowledge, of medicine and life on Earth in many aspects already since I was little. So it is easy to tap into information already within me at different circumstances, especially in my relationships and business. These intuitive gifts have been developed even more with new experiences and knowledge I got from different fields I studied. That way, it becomes easier to help guide another person in their own leadership, personal development, relationship healing, making choices, because it is oftentimes easy to tap into information and translate that to my client in a neutral way so that she can make decision by herself. Because I have a high level of integrity, I am only interested in helping another person further. I know that we all gain from it.

Can an intuitive make mistakes?

Yes. Depending on the amount of knowledge, as I wrote earlier, from your own soul with different life circumstances, situations, concrete scenarios, relationships, it becomes a challenge for any person on Earth to judge and understand situations. This is why I also use mediumship to communicate messages I know nothing about that may come from other sources that are there to help you. I am also honest when I can’t see anything or cannot help my clients. But it has happened that few people over the course of decades have told me that I was completely wrong with my perceptions. 99% of them came back sometimes years later and told me to forgive them for disrespectful way of talking to me and realized that they were really unable to see what I communicated at the time. I have learned from those experiences that, I can sometimes communicate things people don’t want to listen or are not ready to take in. It has been my own lesson on master my own communication. Oftentimes, my clients come to me because they feel called to contact me. They are also intuitive some way and feel in their gut or their emotions that they need to contact me for some reason they don’t know. There is a meaning for everything, even if you don’t know.

Here are some reviews of my coaching work and how other people close and far away describe contacting me:

“I would describe you as a very positive and happy person that carries a lot of knowledge. You can see depth and understand what lies behind problems. You have a gift to sense things and see what needs to be done to help a person develop” – my partner

There reviews of my coaching and what plenty of people have experienced check here already from the first time we met. I could identify problems spot on sometimes without them even telling me. That is the biggest difference between a regular and standard coach and my work. Another difference is my knowledge from different fields and organisations, as well as in business & leadership.

I believe that we are here on this planet to lead ourselves and be the best version of whom we are, so we can gift others with that. Our ultimate level of self-expression leads to balance, abundance and love. I am very good at seeing what is authentic and what is false as well as what lies behind, helping people find their own alignment and peace, healing relationships, helping them get insight and respecting their choices

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