Here is how to tackle all of that as a leader: self-knowledge. But self-knowledge is not just about self-love or even learning a bunch of models to be the best in your field of work or business. There is a whole new world beyond what you can learn out there and also that which can free you from all these negative impacts in your life, relationship and at work.

The solution is to become an empowered leader, leading your own energies of your body, mind, consciousness and the planet. It may sound something hard to get but we have made it very simple for you with our new program New as a Leader. In this program, you are going to experience growth not only in your field of business or occupation as a leader, but even in your personal relationships, mission, finances and wellness.

We are diving deep into the causes of imbalances so you can transform your life. Imbalances that can be found in business, work, relationships and even health. This is because everything is connected and goes back to YOU. You are the source and you are the cause as well of many things that happen, even if you don’t recognize that at first.

Whatever has been going on in your life and that is holding you back from success, we are helping you understand, change, transform and magnify your abundance on this journey together of ca 1 month.

And you are going to say WOW, I have been gone through this journey and it has led me to even more results than I would ever thought beyond my professional life.

I invite you to check the video below for more information about our program. And registering on (New as a Leader) while we have some spots left.

If you’d like to ask questions to make sure this is really for you (and we are also interested in making sure we can help you on your journey), you are free to message me here. I want to make sure our students are evolving and reaching their goals as well as that we are providing right counselling and education to help you forward.

Here is what you will get in this unique leadership program:

  • video lessons tailored to specific themes and situations as a leader
  • develop your unique intuitive skills to make better decisions, suffer less and deal with your emotions and sensitivity
  • coaching along the process so you can ask questions and get guidance, advice and professional support on your growth journey – unique techniques in our coaching with instant healing activations, checking & following up your energies
  • integrative leadership material & exercises for you to integrate knowledge, reflect and grow, find balance and inner strength in body, mind, consciousness & society

You may also want to check our upcoming MBA in Leadership on our page.

Hope you are joining us on this journey and making the most of your life, embrace greater abundance in all your life areas as well as gift others with your knowledge & unique specialties.

About the author

Gabi Gal, intuitive coach & leadership author, artist and researcher, has been on this journey of coaching her whole life and written +44 books on personal development, relationship healing, self-leadership and human life. Gabi has counselled and taught many entrepreneurs, leaders and managers in the world to tap into their intuition and connect with themselves, grow and expand in their own innate abilities towards authenticity, inner strength, courage, personal power and abundance. With a background in business, relationships, Eastern and Western medicine, she has merged her knowledge and intuition in her work to help others have a deeper understanding of self and others.

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