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If you have been for up to 2-3 years or are about to be a boss or leader in your current or coming role, I’d like to say congratulations. But although my congratulations for getting there comes from my heart, I also know that it may be a hard journey ahead that may cost your mental health, inner strength, time, energy, headache, conflict and challenges with co-workers as well as with your family members or friends, and even other challenges that may take you to have challenges to sleep, overworking etc.

I’ve been there too. And I know that in the beginning of my career, I wanted to do the best I could in my role and I realized that I was not really alone in that. And it may be the level of ambition and what you want to achieve that takes you to accept a leading role or starting a business, but it can also be because of other reasons, of being recognized, feeling worthier, having more power, control, freedom, being liked, you name it.

There is a reason to why you are where you are or coming to where you will be. But as with any part of our journey, we are there because we have that knowledge that requires to start it, but not necessarily the knowledge required to continue. On this journey then we need to gather more knowledge and experience to grow – from courses and others that have been there or throwing ourselves at things experiencing sacrifice and self-damage (as well as other damaging other people). I have been on both sides and I realized that it is far smarter to take the first road.

Yet it may feel a jungle of options on what to learn, especially because many leadership educational programs out there are made of standard knowledge such as communication, learning to influence others, learning to talk to your team and taking on challenging conversations.

I think that if you are reading this post so far, you are an unusual person like me that thinks that many of those things are useless because you can learn a bunch of research and still be doomed to the ideas of other people. It all has a price and the biggest one is losing your authenticity. And you are a leader because you are unique – not because you have to be like other people.

To increase your level of safety and release of self-doubt in your role, the method I’ve used and tested over +10 years is another unusual and much more effective than those out there. And it is also simple, so simple that many people totally disregard it – because they don’t learn these things in school.

My method is using your intuition. You become a leader because you are intuitive or you have to learn to develop your intuition because you will be thrown at difficult and challenging situations you will have to decide – sometimes very quickly – on what to do; and that will generate impact on others & yourself.

Your intuition is not about your belief system. Your intuition is your ability to tap into subconscious information that comes to you from an interconnected universe of atoms and molecules reaching your body. You have to understand tools to interpret data and translate them so that your mind can understand that just in time and be able to make decisions accordingly. This is where the comes into scene.

All other programs based on influencing others and learning to communicate better are teaching you to interpret data of what people say as well as want to change their minds. People not always tell what they actually mean and sometimes do not even know what they feel and experience – there are a lot of subconscious material in every person. Changing people’s minds so that they can do what you want does not sound good either because, first of all, you are not creating an honest relationship with people of mutual respect, you are breaking your own integrity to be able to perform a task and you may be playing a role of someone you are not – so you will be losing your own authenticity. Doing something that someone else wants you to do and use your influence to change other people’s minds and buy their motivation is a one-way game that will not help you create long-lasting relationships, being seen as a leader of integrity and supporting others to step into their own talents in a mutual game of co-creation where every person is responsible for her own role.

Your goal there is to become more enlightened so that you can read other people and yourself, find balance and implement the vision you are aimed at proceeding with. Shall you not please everyone? Shall you please everyone? You gotta have control of the vision and at the same time see beyond people’s competence and talents, to be able to help them fulfil the vision – and if they are not shared, to be replaced.

To understand and gain awareness at this level, the first step to feel secure and empowered as a leader is to develop your intuition. We have combined a course for new leaders (New as a Leader), offering a diploma so you can save to show your organisation or add to your CV but above all to exercise a new modality of leadership, which integrates your subtle senses with your knowhow in your field. I am sure that you already come with a lot of knowhow if you are taking part of this course and that it is important for you to be stronger and more empowered in your new role.

When you are taking part in this course online, you will also get free group coaching during the period of a month, which is a longer period than many courses out there as well as add a possibility for individual coaching and extensive access to a knowledge database with lots of material to further enlighten you on your journey of growth, personal development and full leadership.

Besides, you are not only taking a course of proven research, you are being taught by the researcher herself and gaining a lot of experience as well through the group coaching community where you will have a chance to learn from others as well.

Check more info about the course here

About the author

Gabi Gal, intuitive coach & author, artist and researcher, has been on this journey of coaching her whole life and written +44 books on personal development, relationship healing, self-leadership and human life. Gabi has counselled and taught many entrepreneurs, leaders and managers in the world to tap into their intuition and connect with themselves, grow and expand in their own innate abilities towards authenticity, inner strength, courage, personal power and abundance. With a background in business, relationships, Eastern and Western medicine, she has merged her knowledge and intuition in her work to help others have a deeper understanding of self and others.

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